Prioritize – Making Time to Sew

We Carry

We want to thank everyone who has taken the time to attend one or more of our classes in the last year. Making time to take classes takes work. Learning a new sewing, quilting, embroidery, or serging technique requires time. The people we see in our sewing classes have made it a PRIORITY to learn more about their sewing machines they purchased. Shouldn’t you?

With the recent passing of a few Heirloom Creations customers, we are reminded to live everyday to the fullest. Stop putting off things you have always wanted to do. Tomorrow may never come.

A perfect example is that this was the first year in over 25 years we have not hosted a “Cleo Snuggerud Original Super Bowl Mystery Quilt” class. Every year since Heirloom Creations opened, Cleo designed a special mystery quilt that was offered exclusively to students who attended the Super Bowl Mystery Quilt class on Super Bowl Sunday. With the recent store upgrades and the elimination of fabric, we did not offer a Super Bowl Mystery quilt class. We answered many phone calls that sounded like this: “Oh, I should have signed up when I had the chance last year”.

It’s time to MAKE the time to attend a class. It’s time to buy the sewing cabinet you have always wished for. It’s time to take the plunge and update your sewing machine to the latest greatest. It’s time to sit in a new sewing chair so your back stops hurting. It’s time to service your sewing machine so you quit swearing at it. It’s time. Just do it!

We have over 100 classes on the Heirloom Creations class calendar. You can click here for a current list of classes and events.

Visit the class calendar for other events posted to the website since the newsletter was published.

Can’t get to one of our classes, experience over 1,400+ online sewing, quilting, and sewing classes through Craftsy.