Quilt Binding with Stitching Cosmos Graduating Student Lois Klarenbeek

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by Sara Snuggerud in Sewing Tips

How many different ways can a quilt be bound? Lois Klarenbeek wowed the Sewtopia Sewing Club with over 12 different binding styles in her new program “Edge Ways”. From hand-sewn to machine sewn quilt binding techniques to adding piping and prairie points, Lois has tried them all. Lois is also a graduating Stitching Cosmos and Embroidery Essentials student.

Please enjoy the following video as we talk about some of her favorite binding techniques.

Lois is a Stitching Cosmos graduating student

One Quilt Binding Style is NOT Right For All Quilts

Each quilt binding needs to be selected based on how the quilt was going to be used, handled or hung. Depending on the purpose of the project, choosing the correct binding is key to keep the quilt looking its best.

Quilts destined to be hung in quilt shows should always follow the traditional hand-sewn finished quilt binding. This is still the best choice by quilt judges at all times. The clean professional finish of a hand-sewn binding is like the final frosting on a cake. It is both the first and last area of a quilt someone notices.

How to Make Double-Fold Binding by Edyta Sitar

One of Lois’s favorite binding techniques comes from pattern and fabric designer Edyta Sitar. Want to eliminate bulk at the edge of your quilt? Check out her way of binding quilts here:

Prairie Point and Scallop Bindings

Prairie points along the edge of a quilt can set a design off in a completely new way. Practice on a small wall hanging or table runner to master this technique before tackling a full-size quilt.

Prairie Point Bindings

Kate’s BIG Binding

Lois reminded me that she was the original inspiration to Kate’s Big Binding pattern and video. She had a pattern with her at a retreat that neither one of us could figure out. After giving up, we created our own outcome that has been a popular download for years. Watch the video below for the basic concept and then download the pattern to keep in your binding archive for future use.

Want an Instant Baby Quilt?

Kate’s BIG Binding baby quilt requires 1 yard of fabric for the front, 1 yard of fabric for the back and 2 yards of fabric for the binding. NO HAND SEWING! This project is completely finished with a sewing machine.

BEST Online Binding Course!

If you want to truly master binding at your own pace, be sure to look up Susan Cleveland’s Bluprint class “The Perfect Finish: How to Bind a Quilt”. If I could only have one binding class to last me forever, this would be the one I would pick. Susan’s perfection to her binding along with wonderful accent options will turn your next quilt into a masterpiece.

Click the above photo to preview the BEST Binding Class ever!

Thank You, Lois!

Thank you, Lois, for reminding all of us how many different ways there are to bind a quilt. You explained that the more bindings you tried, the more bindings you realized were still out there!

The next time you need to bind a quilt, try a new technique. If you tried a new binding technique on your next 10 projects, you too will realize the numerous possible ways still out there too try!

What is Your Favorite Binding Style?

Please comment below your favorite binding style. Or comment on the most challenging project you had to bind. There is no right or wrong way to bind a quilt as long as it gets DONE! 😉