Sewing Goals – How Are You Doing So Far?

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by Sara Snuggerud in Sewing Tips

I must confess… I love lists!

It’s been 37 days since January 1. Let’s peek at our Sewtopia Sewing Club’s New Year’s resolutions lists they made at the beginning of the year. They had some wonderful sewing ideas that we thought would be enjoyable to read and help continue to inspire you.

In no particular order…

  • I need to name my sewing machine!
  • Learn how to use my AccuQuilt GO! Fabric cutter
  • I’m traveling this Summer so my goal is to finish all my Christmas sewing before I leave.
  • No More Scraps – When I finish a quilt, my goal is to use up all the scraps before moving to the next project.

  • Explore sewing with a wider range of threads
  • KEEP OUT – no more dumping things in the sewing room that need to be put away later
  • Learn to sew bindings on my quilts by machine
  • Stock pile a collection of sewn gift-y items to use as hostess gifts throughout the year.

  • Learn more about my new sewing machine from Heirloom Creations
  • Slow down and be more accurate in my sewing
  • Learn how to use my new serger from Heirloom Creations
  • Not buy another machine this year!
  • Become friends with my embroidery machine again.
  • Make some “mile stone” birthday quilts for family members
  • Teach my oldest granddaughter to sew
  • Do something productive with my scraps
  • Finish the kids wedding quilt before their 2nd wedding anniversary
  • Absorb everything I learn from my sewing classes
  • License plate quilt – make something from all the fabric license plates I have collected
  • Become good friends with my new embroidery machine
  • Get back in to the sewing room
  • Clean my sewing studio
  • Learn the art of free motion ruler work on my home sewing machine
  • Try some “thread painting” on my home sewing machine

  • Sew something for me!
  • Sew some place mats
  • Get more done!
  • Get her 2 year old AccuQuilt GO! Baby fabric cutter out of the box
  • Sew more
  • Master my computerized embroidery software
  • Stop getting distracted
  • Kick it up a notch
  • Organize my sewing room
  • Sew Barbie doll clothes
  • Start machine quilting my own quilts instead of sending them out to be quilted.
  • Continue to finish my sewing projects in a timely manor.
  • Embroider more

What is one sewing goal you are working on completing this year? Please feel free to add it in the comments section below.

Lists have always helped me stay focused and help me complete items on time. Of course, there is nothing better than the feeling of crossing something off the list when it is DONE!

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