Sewing Retreat 2011 Poem

We Carry
by Sara Snuggerud in Sewing Tips

By Sara Snuggerud

It’s that time of year when we head out west
To Cedar Shore Resort, to quilt, sew and rest.

We pack up tools, fabric and sewing machine,
And have Heirloom Creations do all the pampering.

For three fabulous days, we sew, laugh and are merry.
Can you image what you can get done when we haven’t a worry?

No cooking, no cleaning, no family to attend to;
As we sew, sew, sew with nothing else to tend to.

When meals are served we barely have to move.
We get up from sewing, eat, and then get back in the groove.

A nap sounds good, after sewing six hours straight;
A gentle walk, a little break, then back to sewing is sew-sew great.

“Off to the Movies” is the theme on Friday night,
With super-duper prizes that are sure to delight.

Pick a favorite character, theme or actor from afar;
Don a fun hat, some sun glasses, and become a movie star.

Need a little break because you’ve been sewing nonstop?
Join Sara each day for a mini-workshop.

Learn different techniques and try something new,
Just bring some extra fabric in green, white and blue.

Ever heard of “Jelly Roll Races”? Neither have we!
It will for sure be quite a wild and exciting sight to see.

Strangers become friends when sewing is the common thread;
We’ll be up all night – did we forget to go to bed?

Oh well…the sun is coming up and it’s time for breakfast.
Guess we will keep sewing; we are having such a blast!

Oh to start some new projects and finish a few others;
It’s amazing how much can get done when we’re not busy being a mother.

The stack of “to-dos” has turned into “ta-dones”
The joy of sewing accomplishments is really quite fun.

Make this is your year you finally make a commitment;
Make a list and pack up for three days of excitement!

Don’t put off another Heirloom Creations sewing retreat;

Call right now and reserve yourself a seat!