Sticky Needle?

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by in Sewing Tips

There are times when some fusible webs, interfacing, or fabric sprays will start to build up a nasty, gummy wad at the top of a sewing machine needle. And before you know it, the thread starts breaking or the machine starts to skip stitches or even both! Stop – don’t blame the sewing machine it’s could be that sticky needle!

Sometimes it is hard to know how a new fusible web or spray will act when in contact with a metal needle. Many times you have already spent hours getting everything perfectly positioned and pressed in place and starting over is not one of your options. The solution can be a STRETCH NEEDLE! This specially coated needle cuts down the friction that often leads to the gummy build-up from these gooey fiends. Schmetz stretch needles are even color coded with a yellow top for quick visual reference.

Stretch needles are a great needle to have available in the sewing room just in case. Try stretch needles when sewing through rubbery material such as Lycra and elastic. These little coated needles are also a breeze when sewing Velcro! The hook and loop material is often a plastic and some even have a bit of adhesive that will build up on the needle.