Stitching Cosmos – Graduating Class of 2017

See pictures of the Stitching Cosmos graduation class of 2017. Enroll today for the 2018 sessions starting soon!

We Carry
by Sara Snuggerud in Sewing Tips

After 10 months full of sewing machine techniques, decorative stitches and mastering over 20 different sewing feet and attachments, we are excited to graduate the 2017 Stitching Cosmos class.

Each student started this journey 10 months ago…all a little apprehensive. After a few months of sewing techniques each student hit their stride! This is the most exciting time for a teacher when a student finds their groove and can start taking the knowledge they learn and expand upon it in their own way.

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(Note: These pictures where taken at the final class of Stitching Cosmos. At this class students learned their final two block techniques as well as how to arrange the blocks and how to square up the blocks they had finished so far. We will update pictures as the Stitching Cosmos quilts start showing up completed).

When I say this group blossomed, I mean they totally surprised me each month. They were taking the taught techniques and turning them into something totally new and exciting. We even came up with a few new, never-been-published techniques!

What is Stitching Cosmos?

The Stitching Cosmos sewing machine program promotes a different sewing machine presser foot and sewing machine technique throughout the 10-month galaxy tour. Explore a new technique with guided instruction and hands-on practice like machine appliqué, couching, pintucks, circle sewing attachment, ruffler and decorative stitches. There will be three levels of techniques each month – beginner level techniques for those who are just starting out and two additional techniques for those who are slightly more experienced. Learn all three (and sometimes more) techniques at each hands-on class. Make-up days are available for missed class sessions. Open to all brands of sewing machines. Limited to 16 students per session. Morning and afternoon sessions always fill up first. Please register early for these sessions to guarantee your desired session time.

If you want to have a sewing experience of a lifetime, we are now enrolling students for the next Stitching Cosmos sessions. Select from the 10-month option starting in January or the 5-month Summer School session (two class per day) starting in May.

As you can see here, you don’t even need a fancy sewing machine to attend the Stitching Cosmos class!

See what a year of dedication can produce!

What people are saying…

“Out of this world experience.”

“It isn’t always about the finished product, it is about the learning process.”

“It loosened me up!”

“It’s like painting with stitches.”

“Scheduled playtime with my sewing machine.”

“I plan my month around my class.”

“Novice to expert in one year.”

“I learned just as much from my Stitching Cosmos peers as I did from the class.”

“It will enlighten your creativity.”

“Excellent skill builder.”

“The printed handouts are a wonderful reference throughout the year.”

Who should enroll in Stitching Cosmos?

  • If you know you are not using your sewing machine to its fullest
    You own accessory feet and don’t know how to use them
  • You want to try out accessory feet BEFORE you buy them (we let you)!
  • You love your decorative stitches but don’t know where to use them
  • You are attracted to decorative threads but don’t know how to adjust your tensions
  • You see sewing techniques on Pinterest but don’t know how they did it
  • You watch YouTube videos but don’t know where to start
  • You are scared of sewing curves.
  • You want to set time aside each month to sew but it never happens.
  • You want to sew with sewing friends but you don’t have any.
  • Your sewing machine scares you.
  • You know there is so much your machine can do but you have no clue.