The 12 Sewing Tools of Christmas

We Carry
by Sara Snuggerud in Archives


We are always looking for clever gifts for sewers. Then when you find one that has 12 tools in one it feels like you hit the jack pot!

No sewing box or project tote should be without a Fiskars® Sewing Multi-Tool! This all-in-one tool conveniently combines 12 different sewing tools in one small case.

Then we started thinking…these tools could be handy on Christmas morning. Wrap one of these 12-Tools-In-One and mark it “Open Me First”!

1. Thread cutter – this sharp edge cuts through extra strong tape on presents

2. Tape measure – measure to see who received the BIGGEST present!

3. Magnifier – handy for reading the fine-print directions on toys

4. Seam ripper – cuts through tightly tied ribbons and CD case cellophane

5. Tweezers – great for removing tiny toys that the two-year-old put up his nose!

6. Safety pin – holds your pants up after the top button pops off after Grandma’s wonderful Christmas dinner

7. Long needle threader – for threading the tiny ornament hooks back through miniature ornaments

8. Knit picker – fill in your own “mother-in-law” joke here…

9. Punch needle – make holes in Christmas cards to hang on the tree

10. Piercing punch – great for removing staples from “secured for your safety” packages

11. Stuffing tool – for minor surgery on new stuffed animals of which Fido might have taken a bite

12. Needle threader – to thread the needle to repair the stuffed animal that Fido played with earlier

Not only will you have all the sewing tools with you next time your arrive at a class, the Fiskars Sewing Multi-Tool has hundreds of other uses!

Available at Heirloom Creations – $13.65!