Turning the Perfect Corner

We Carry
by Sara Snuggerud in Archives

With the popularity of bags, pillows and other square home decor items, forming the perfect corner can help make the project look more professional. When sewing around a bulky box shape, if using an electronic sewing machine set the needle to stop in the down position. This will first prevent any crooked seams when moving the project through the machine. Second, the needle will then be in the proper down position when it is time to pivot around the corner. Instead of turning a sharp 90 degree, try stitching up to the pivot point, turn the project 45 degrees and take one stitch. Pivot a second 45 degrees and continue stitching the second side. This extra stitch allows for more room within the corner for the bulk of the fabric to turn into. Do trim the excess corner fabric at a 45 degree angle close to the extra stitch that was previously taken. This again will help eliminate the bulk inside the corner.

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