Two Spools and a Pack of Bobbins

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by Sara Snuggerud in Embroidery, Sewing Machines, Sewing Tips

Taco Johns has “Six-Pack and a Pound”…

Donut and bagel places have a “Bakers Dozen”…

Heirloom Creations has “Two Spools and a Pack of Bobbins”!

Think about it. Why would you just buy one spool of thread and wind bobbins only 2 or 3 bobbins off of it, when you could have the exact same amount of top thread and filled bobbins! By purchasing two spools of thread and winding one spool of thread onto new bobbins you are sure to have the right proportion of thread.

Here is how “Two Spools and a Pack of Bobbins” works.

Purchase Two Spools of Thread

For you quilters, you are probably already hooked on the amazing Aurifil 50wt cotton thread. Instead of buying just one spool, buy two. You have your favorite color you like for piecing, why are you only winding 1, 2 or 3 bobbins at a time? You are not going to stop piecing quilt tops anytime soon!

Purchase a new pack of bobbins.

Depending on your machine brand of bobbins, the quantity your local store sells them and the amount of empty bobbins you already have at home, you might need a couple packs!

So how many bobbins do I need for my brand of sewing machine? Scroll down to see the amazing results!

Wind the Bobbins

So many people say they don’t like to wind bobbins hence why there is such a market for pre-wound bobbins. But why settle for non-Aurifil filled bobbins on non-brand specific throw-away bobbins? It really does not take that long. Just think about how much sewing you are going to get done when you do not have to stop and wind bobbins!

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Storing the Filled Bobbins

We love the Bobbin Savers. It is time to have one bobbin ring dedicated to your love of Aurifil thread. They don’t unwind while being stored away and they are easy to keep in a close-by drawer.

For you embroiderers, we do this with our Bottomline bobbin thread. Did you know you can purchase white Bottomline bobbin thread in giant 3,300 yard spools? We don’t even bother with the 1,420 yard smaller spools anymore. We wind an entire 3,300 spool onto bobbins when we open it!

So the next time you huff a little because you ran out of bobbin thread and had to stop and wind a bobbin, just ask yourself, why didn’t I just buy two spools and a pack of bobbins like they said?

Next week, we will put this “two spools and a pack of bobbins” theory to the test and report on how many bobbins you can fill from a spool of Aurifil 50 weight thread on multiple different brands of bobbins!

UPDATE…We did it!

We filled over 80 bobbins on different sizes and brands of bobbins.

That was over 5.7 miles of thread!

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Thank to our Sioux Falls, SD customer Julie B. for this tip.

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