What is a Foot Book?

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by Sara Snuggerud in Sewing Tips

How many of you have purchased sewing machine feet but forgot how to use them? Or you own presser feet but do not know which feet they really are?

Than you need a FOOT BOOK!

Available for Husqvarna Viking, Pfaff and Bernina feet and accessories, these foot BIBLES are life savers.

Hot off the presses are the newest and updated editions of the “The PFAFF Foot Book” and “The Husqvarna Viking Foot Book”!


Bernina Owners…

You are looking for “The BIG Book of Feet” from your local Bernina sewing machine retailer.


What is a Foot Book?

A reference tool that tells you:

  • Why a foot was made in a certain way.
  • What a foot was originally designed to do.
  • New uses people have come up with that the foot can be used for than it was originally designed to do.


Take for example the flat fell foot. Originally designed to sew flat fell seams, but now we can use them as a new and improved way to sew quilt binding in place by machine!


There are always new sewing techniques popping up on Pinterest and Facebook that often takes a sometimes outdated foot and breaths new life into its original use.

The tailor tack or marking foot is another example. Originally made to transfer pattern marking of darts to the fabric with loose stitches, the tailor tack foot is now glamorized to be used to make fringe!


It’s time to master the feet you own and find new ways to be creative with your sewing machine. Pick up a foot book at your local Bernina, Husqvarna Viking or Pfaff store and start a new sewing journey with your sewing machine today.

PFAFF and Husqvarna Viking Foot Books can be purchased for $24.99 plus shipping by calling Heirloom Creations at 605-332-4435.

Bernina Foot Books need to be purchased from your local Bernina store.