What is a Gypsy Gripper?

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by Sara Snuggerud in Archives

gypsie-gripper-1.jpg Is it a super-sized phone?

 gypsie-gripper-2.jpgOr a helpful ruler holder? 

Sometimes it can be a real challenge to hold your plastic ruler in just the right spot while cutting fabric.  And if you happen to slip with the blade, you could end up cutting yourself.  Ouch! That’s gonna leave a mark!  But now, there is a great new way to hold your rulers in place, and it makes using them easier and safer than ever before. 

The Gypsy Gripper has a comfortable grip handle, and two large round suction cups with handy lock & release levers.  Just press the suction cups to any plastic ruler with a smooth solid surface, and then flip the levers to lock The Gypsy Gripper in place.  Now you can move the ruler quickly, and easily hold it on the exact position with gentle downward
pressure.  Your ruler hand will be up and away from the fabric, and out of harm’s way if you slip with the cutter.  When you need to switch to another ruler, just flip the locking levers to release The Gypsy Gripper.

gg2.jpgBoth ends attached to a long ruler.

The Gypsy Gripper  has been tested to work perfectly with all of the popular quilting rulers listed below.  To let us know about any other ruler brands or types that work with The Gypsy Gripper, send a note with our handy Feedback web page, and we will add them to the list.

    Creative Grids – squares 4-1/2″ & up, rectangles 4″ & up
    EZ Quilting – Companion Angle
    From Marti Michell – all Kaleido and Triangle and Log Cabin rulers
    Lazy Girl Designs – Flying Geese X4 Ruler, Lazy Angle™ Ruler
    Phillips Fiber Art – Ten Degree Wedge Ruler

The Gypsy Gripper weighs just eight ounces, so moving it around won’t wear you down.  The overall size is about 3-1/2″ wide by 11-3/8″ long by 3-1/8″ high (sitting on its cups).  The durable plastic body is water-proof and washable, so it will look good and work well for years of use.

gg3.jpgOne end attached to a triangle ruler.

The Gypsy Gripper’s  suction cups will work with smooth surface rulers that are at least 4″ wide, including most rectangle, square, or triangle shapes (with no slots or holes in the areas that will be covered by the suction cups).  Use it with just one end attached on square or triangle rulers and it still grips perfectly, you can let the other end rest on the
table while you holh in place and cut.  Finger guides and a rubberized grip pad in its sculptured handle help make The Gypsy Gripper easy to position, and comfortable to hold, even during the longest cutting sessions.  The handle that travels from ruler to ruler, The Gypsy Gripper is a quilter’s dream come true!  Make it yours for the price of a good ruler.

You will be truly stunned by the dramatic difference The Gypsy Gripper makes when using your rulers to cut fabric, and you really will wonder how you ever got along without it.  You probably want to get a couple of extras to have around whenever your quilting buddies come to visit (otherwise, you might not be able to use yours again until they leave).

Okay, so now you are thinking how wonderful it would be if there were also some way to position all of those little templates you use.  Some are just too small to hold with The Gypsy Gripper, but it sure would be nice if you didn’t have to worry about ’em slipping around on the fabric. And with the smaller sizes, there’s an even greater risk of cutting your fingers.  Not to worry, we hear you, and we’ve got the solution for you.

gg4.jpgThe Amazing Little Gripper ™

The Little Gripper is our newest tool offering.  It’s made especially for those handy little acrylic templates and small rulers.  A single suction cup will fit on almost any template shape that is at least 2-1/4″ wide.

gg5.jpgFits dozens of popular small templates.

A simple locking lever secures The Little Gripper in place, just flip it up to apply suction.  Flip it down again to release the suction, so you can move The Little Gripper to the next template you need for your project.

gg6.jpgQuick and easy  to  attach and release.

The Little Gripper is the perfect companion for The Gypsy Gripper, and an essential addition to your quilting basket.  You will be amazed how much easier your intricate cutting work becomes.  Now check the price. The Little Gripper can be yours for less than the cost of a quilt pattern, but you will use it again and again.  And the more templates you have, the more you’ll appreciate the ease and accuracy and safety it provides.

News Flash!! – The Little Gripper Saves The Day During An Emergency!!
                        – Cedar Rapids, Iowa – June, 2008 –
One woman in the Midwest wrote that during a recent flood disaster, she needed to fill her bathtub before restriction of utility services began, to provide water for flushing toilets.  However, her tub drain leaked and would not have held water.  She smartly stuck
The Little Gripper over the drain, and it sealed the water in her tub perfectly for four days, so her family could flush the toilet as needed. 

Gypsie Grippers are now available at Heirloom Creations!