Yarn Art Embroidery Collection from Husqvarna Viking

We Carry
by Sara Snuggerud in Foot of the Month

While at the Husqvarna Viking dealer convention I was inspired by a new embroidery collection named Yarn Art. This collection of designs was designed to use in conjunction with the Husqvarna Viking Yarn Couching Foot Set.

Then I saw the beautiful sample of the Yarn Art Poncho and I tried it on. It was so soft and a wonderful weight around my shoulders! I knew I wanted to make one for myself.

As a kid, mom taught me to crochet. My youngest memory of crocheting is the age of 4, I turned a gigantic ball of yarn into one continuous chain. And I enjoyed making a baby blanket for my fifth grade teacher. Then I tried knitted in my late twenties and knew that was NOT for me. I could not even make a scarf! I tried, I just didn’t like it. Probably too slow of a process…which is WHY I fell in love with this embroidery collection.

With the embroidery machine, all I needed was a ball of yarn, a special foot to accommodate the yarn, the embroidery designs and water soluble stabilizer. Then let the embroidery machine do all the work. That’s more my style. Super FAST with little to no work on my part.

This short video is how the machine stitches the yarn in place.

I am making the Yarn Art Poncho to show and wear at the November 3, 2012 Foot of the Month presentation. Here is the completed project!

Hooping Tip:
To use water soluble stabilizer in the most efficient manor when stitching multiple items, do not cut the stabilizer to fit the hoop. Instead, cut off a longer length and hoop just below the previous design. Continue rehooping and repeat.

The Yarn Art embroidery collection is available as a multi-formatted CD. Bernina users will also be able to use this embroidery collection while using the Bernina Free Motion Couching Foot #43 with an embroidery machine. Check with your local dealer for a speciality foot for your brand of sewing machine before purchasing this embroidery collection.

The Yarn Art Poncho takes 25 of the round embroideries and 18 of connecting pieces.

Have you ever had a “happy oppps”? Please note that the design being stitched in the video is actually two separate designs. When I first started opening up the designs on the machine from the USB stick I did not realize that I had selected first the large design and then added a smaller design on top of the first. The spiral circle in the center is not in the original poncho picture. Of course I did not realize this until day two of stitching when the center design decided to move to a different location in my hoop. All in all, I love the extra detail in the center.

In sewing these designs, we have measured that each design uses approximately 11 yards of yarn. I have been back to the yarn store three times!

This embroidery collection is available from your local Husqvarna Viking dealer. Husqvarna Viking Collection 252 Yard Art (# 920346096)