Yipes Stripes!

We Carry
by Sara Snuggerud in Sewing Tips

You know when you are looking to purchase a new car you start to see them everywhere? Or when you expecting a baby you notice everyone else’s baby? When I was working on our recent Sewtopia sewing club topic of stripes, it seems like that was all I could spot out of a new line of fabric. There might have been 39 other fabulous prints, but all I would see were the stripes.


At club we highlighted strips, using them for jazzy bindings, mitered corners, and attic window quilts just to name a few. Judeen helped out by sewing together the following variations of eight pointed stars achieving different looks just by changing the direction of the strips. Directions for these stars can be found in the Lone Star Quilts & Beyond book by Jan Krenz.

The fast2cut® Fussy Cutter™ Ruler Set with wonderful guide lines made cutting and keeping them exact every time a breeze.

lone-star-quilts-beyond.jpg fast2cut-fussy-cutter-ruler-set.jpg

Ruler templates and book are available from Heirloom Creations.









An extra tip when working with miters, bias or diamonds is to spray the fabric before cutting with Mary Ellen’s Best P ress Starch. This will eliminate extra stretching of the fabric while cutting and sewing. It’s available at Heirloom Creations, as well as one gallon refills.


I hope this has inspired you to look at strips in a whole new way.