You Know Sewing is Your Passion When…

We Carry
by Sara Snuggerud in Archives

This week’s tip is more of a commentary on the lives we lead if our passion is sewing. When I looked at what I was doing just 24 hours before leaving on a trip, besides needing to write this tip of the week, I started jotting down various thoughts while I was you guessed it sewing something new for the wedding. While thoughts came to mind about my own passion for sewing, I also thought about people I’ve known who are so impassioned, people who have inspired me, the camaraderie that comes when people share their thoughts and inspiration. When we are passionate about anything, we in turn inspire others. Look now at your own passions, who helped develop them, and who you might in turn inspire. Then take a moment to poke a little fun at the subject’s theme by adding your comments below.

24 hours before a trip or vacation you whip up something new to wear.

You shop at fabric stores while on vacation.

You take a sewing machine with you on vacation.

You have asked a friend or family member to bring home fabric from a foreign country.

You think of someone who will love the sewn item, just so you have an excuse to make one!

You have a designated room in your house for sewing, even if it is the dining room.

You need a daily sewing fix.

You try to shop at a ready-made clothing shop, but with every thing you see that you like, you say to yourself you can make it either cheaper, in my size, in the color I like, with the fabric I like, or all the above.

You buy something ready-made and know exactly how you will alter it. Or, for the amount of time you just spent trying things on and the alterations you do, you know you could have made it yourself in less time.

You have favorite patterns that you reuse multiple times in different fabrics and colors.

You make your own patterns, and you don’t know your store dress size.

You know that a bodkin has nothing to do with relatives, a stiletto has nothing to do with heels, and hemostats are as useful in sewing rooms as operating rooms.

You have a scissor collection with multiple pairs for many uses, and you keep separate pairs by each machine, at the cutting table, and on the ironing board.

Your wrath will be incurred faster than anything if you find out someone has used your scissors for something other than fabric or paper.

You wake up in the morning of you day off and say, “Oh darn, only 16 hours to sew!”

You now have a hands-free phone so you can talk and sew at the same time – no more neck cramps!

You have been known to make 10 or more of the same item to give as gifts for birthdays or Christmas.

You have more fabric than humanly possible for any one person to use in a lifetime.

You think up more projects than humanly possible to sew in a lifetime.

You found a fabric many years ago, and it is your absolute favorite, but you have been looking for more of it in every fabric store ever since.

You file your fabric in file boxes sorted by the type of fabric and color.

You weed out your fabric collection by resorting it and making more of it fit in a smaller space.

Your scrap collection is 20% of your fabric collection because you know you are going to need just a little of just the right color someday, or it is for all the scrappy quilts you intend to make someday!

You devise clever ways to conceal your fabric collection so family members won’t suspect just how much fabric you actually have.

You wait until family members are not around when you unload the car from a major event at the fabric/sewing machine store.

You quietly substitute the new machine for the old one when no one is looking. If someone thinks they notice something different, you say nonchalantly that it is the same one you have had for a while.

Your collection of sewing machines exceeds one sewing/embroidery machine, and one serger.

You have a machine just for when you travel or take classes.

You have returned home to find that you already own the book or pattern you just bought.

You celebrate your sewing machine’s birthday by taking it in for its yearly service.

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