10 Things I Learned About Kimberbell Glitter Sheets

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by Sara Snuggerud in Sewing Tips

Kimberbell’s Glitter Sheets are addicting! They add just the right amount of sparkle to any project.

AND…they are NOT just for embroiderers!

You can sew with them too.

On New Year’s Day my daughter Kate and I stitched out a Kimberbell inspired Embroidery Essentials quilt from the “Embroidery Essentials Online Course“.

Here is the Facebook LIVE video we took at the end of our embroidery day.

See what Sara and her daughter Kate made on New Years Day. They added Kimberbell Glitter Sheets and mylar to an Embroidery Essentials Online Course class sample! #kimberbelldesigns #kimberbell #EmbroideryEssentials #heirloomcreations

Posted by Sewing Mastery on Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Click here to watch this Facebook LIVE video of Sara and Kate.

We used Kimberbell mylar and Kimberbell glitter sheets to spice it up a notch. Along the way we learned a few things about glitter sheets.

Top 10 Things I Learned About Glitter Sheets

  1. Don’t forget to remove the vinyl cover sheet.
    Glitter sheets come with a vinyl cover sheet that protects the glitter until it is time to be used.
  2. Iron for a full 15-20 seconds.
    There is an adhesive back on the back side of the glitter sheet. By heating up the glitter sheet it will stick to the fabric correctly and not bubble up or lift up later. Ironing it done after the tack down and trimming but BEFORE the satin stitch.
  3. Use a Pressing Cloth
    Use a second piece of fabric as a pressing cloth to cover the glitter sheet appliqué when pressing it. Press it in place before the final stitching goes around the raw edges. Use a scrap fabric and not an actual project fabric piece.
    This sounds simple but double check that the glitter side is up. ūüėČ
  5. Polka Dot Glitter Sheets have HOLES!
    The Polka Dot Glitter sheets don’t have white polka dots, they have holes. To get white polka dots, place these glitter sheets on white fabric. Want purple polka dots? Place it on purple fabric.
  6. Use the leftover sticky vinyl cover sheet to help collect loose threads.
    Use it to remove threads from a project like a lint roller.
  7. Keep Leftover Glitter Scraps
    Store glitter sheet leftovers on the sticky vinyl sheet that was removed earlier.
  8. Always buy more than you think you need.
    Glitter sheets come in 19.5″ x 7.5″ sheets. This size sounds like enough until you get started and realize how much FUN it is to use!
  9. Glitter Sheets are machine washable
    Items with glitter embellishments can be washed. Plan to dry on low heat settings.
  10. Kimberbell currently has two FREE Glitter Sheet projects. 
    Both projects can either be sewn or embroidered.


Contact your local Kimberbell retailer to purchase Kimberbell Glitter Sheets. If you do not have a Kimberbell retailer in your area, click here.