10 Things You Need to Know About Sewing Machine Bobbins


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by Sara Snuggerud in Sewing Machines, Sewing Tips

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Sewing machine bobbin questions are a regular topic around a sewing machine store. Here are the most common questions and answers we help be with on a regular basis.

1. You always need MORE sewing machine bobbins.
How many bobbins do you really need? We took a survey at a recent Sewtopia Sewing Club and the average amount our club members said they had was between 20 – 30 sewing machine bobbins for each machine they owned. Yes, many of them own different brands of machines. Many of our customers SEW on Bernina sewing machines and EMBROIDER on a Husqvarna Viking machine. Wonder why so many of our customers are multi-sew-lingual? Come in and see for yourself!

sewing machine bobbins

2. Buy a pack of bobbins every time you visit your favorite sewing machine store.
Most sewing machines come with 3-5 bobbins when buy them. So many people say that is enough bobbins when they are just starting out, but then we see them back within a few days saying they need more. Keep buying sewing machine bobbins at each time you visit our store. You eventually will have enough.

3. You MUST use the bobbins that are made for your machine.

sewing machine bobbins 2

Just because you like the color blue does not mean you can use these bobbins. These bobbins are made specific for a Husqvarna Viking Designer EPIC sewing and embroidery machine.

4. Plastic bobbins can bulge if filled with too much tension or too tightly.
Filling a sewing machine bobbin too tightly can make a plastic bobbin bulge. This is hard to see the problem, but the bobbin ends up too tall for machine and will cause an awful mess in the bobbin area.

5. Plastic bobbins and metal bobbins of the same size can NOT be swapped.
Machines are set for a very precise tension setting. If they are set for a lighter plastic bobbin, the tension will change if a heavier metal bobbin is used.

6. Bernina Users – This is NOT your bobbin!
Bernina bobbins are milled and generic bobbins are stamped. The difference is night and day. If your machine takes a generic metal bobbin you CAN use a Bernina bobbin. It will be much smoother for your machine.

Sewing Machine Bobbins 4

Sewing Mishaps Happen…
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7. Bobbins must be inserted to spin the correct direction.
Many machines have a picture to remind you which way a bobbin should spin.

sewing machine bobbin 5

8. Do not leave this thread tail sticking up!
This tail will interfere with the forming and the connecting of the top thread with the bobbin thread with EVERY stitch made. Be sure to cut this tail off so nothing sticks up.

sewing machine bobbin 6

9. This is one of the WORST things for a sewing machine mechanic to find in a sewing machines’ accessory box.
What is wrong with this picture?

When a sewing machine mechanic opens your machine and seeing a variety of bobbin types mixed together and none of them are the correct bobbin for the machine, this is a guarantee way to make them cringe. This is a huge NO-NO! Just because bobbins came with the machine when you received it second hand, does not mean that last person was using a correct bobbin. Do you really have the right bobbin? Double check with your local sewing machine as to which bobbins are right for your machine.

10. Buy more bobbins.
Tired of winding more than one color on a bobbin? Refer back to #1…Buy more bobbins!

BONUS Bobbin Info…

Husqvarna Viking users – want to learn a cool trick about filling your bobbins? Watch this video!

Have a sewing machine bobbin question?
Post it in the questions below and we will answer it.


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  1. Jean C Blaisdell says:

    I have Babylock machine one is a Quest Plus, Quilter’s Dream Series,
    I have notice that if i buy the plastic pre wound bobbins that they don’t work they are a tad smaller in size. What is the correct way of winding a bobbin from the machine. Thank you for the 10 things to know about bobbins.. you never have enough..

    1. Sara says:

      Hi Jean, Your Babylock sewing machine probably has a diagram on the top of the machine for how to wind a bobbin. If you need assistance, please come in our store or visit your local Babylock store for help.

  2. Louise says:

    Great information for us who have all sort of bobbins. If you can’t use it lose it! Give to a church quilting group who may be able to use them.

  3. Sue Ptacek says:

    I totally agree. i must have 30 bobbins for my one Bernina. Another trick is to wind a whole slew of bobbins at the same time. I usually wind 5 every time – so there are 5 white, 5 cream, 5 navy, 5 black and 5 red wound and ready to go. Makes like so much easier to just have to pop a new one in rather than to stop what you are doing and wind another!

  4. Judy walker says:

    I had bottom lip of a bobbin break off at end of winding, messed up a lot of thread for reuse. Why would it break? Age, defect? Hopefully not my threads.

    1. Sara says:

      Bobbins sometimes get weak or a crack in them over time. Though it does not happen often, we do see it. Sometimes it can be caused by the thread getting wound on the bobbin too tight or with extra tension then normal. There is no way of knowing until it happens.

  5. Terri Riddle says:

    Should you always use a metal bobbin in a metal bobbin case and a plastic bobbin in a drop in bobbin? Example: class 15 come in both metal and plastic. I had a customer with a metal class 15 in a drop in machine. I’ve had customers with a plastic class 15 bobbin in a metal bobbin case. Please tell me if there is a hard fast rule for metal vs plastic!!

    1. Sara says:

      The main difference is if the machine’s bobbin tension was set for a heavier metal bobbin or the lighter weight plastic bobbin. Traditionally you do find metal bobbins in the front load metal bobbin cases and plastic class 15 bobbins in the drop in bobbin machines. The bobbin tension would be slightly different when they are switched. Though the bobbin is the correct size for the machine (that is always half the battle) the weight of the bobbin can make a difference on the final look of the stitch. A slight adjustment in top tension can adjust for the difference.

  6. Jennifer Quigley says:

    I would like to try Bobbinwork. Would I need a special bobbin for my Sapphire 870 machine?

    Jennifer Quigley

    1. Sara says:

      Hi Jennifer, You will want to purchase the Husqvarna Viking speciality bobbin case from your local Husqvarna Viking dealer. Here is the link to the accessory:

      Thanks for asking. ~Sara~

  7. Metteke VandenBout says:

    When sewing with stretchy fabric is a stretch needle, mean you do not need to stretch the fabric and is the stitch to be a straight or zig zag stitch.

    1. Sara says:

      Yes, a fabric that stretches prefers a Stretch needle. Select a stretch stitch like a narrow zig zag when sewing a construction seam. A serger would be a better option in the future.

  8. Barbara says:

    I just bought an old White rotary machine, what bobbin can I use? I have the model number but still unable to find bobbins! Help!

    1. Sara says:

      Hi Barbara, We would recommend having your local sewing machine store confirm what size of bobbin fits your machine. Take in your machine and they will be able to match up the right bobbins based on the bobbin size.

  9. Heather says:

    Great article! Thanks for the tips. I recently purchased a bobbin winder machine thinking it might lessen wear and tear on my super cheap Singer machine. I am now wondering if it wouldn’t be better, tension wise, to just wind them on the machine anyway. The bobbin winder apparatus also seems pretty shabbily constructed. Do you think this would pose tension challenges in the winding process? Just trying to avoid headaches as I learn to sew ;). Many thanks!

    1. Judy Clough says:

      I really liked your bobbin article. I never knew it was so important to use the bobbbin for your machine!

  10. Anne-Marie says:

    Thank you! Great article. I am machine quilting at the mo and have not been able to get my normal tight bottom stitch no matter what adjustments I make . Couldn’t work it out.. it is the bobbin. I use a vintage Kenmore and only have 3 original bobbins and am using a plastic one at the moment. I bet that is the issue!

    1. EVELYN DAGUANNO says:

      I have a Brother Sewing machine. The instruction books states that if you have trouble with the bottom stitch, the problem is with the top tension. Therefore, if you have trouble with the top thread in your stitches, the problem is from the bobbin.
      Am I correct in assuming this is always the case?

      1. heirloomc says:

        Hi Evelyn, Yes this is generally the case.

  11. Jeri Walker says:

    I have a Bernina 930 and I have been using different types of bobbins, guess over the years I have collected quite a few of them, should I only use the ones with 7 little holes around the flat side of the bobbin like you showed in your photo above?????

    1. Sara says:

      Yes, the Bernina bobbins (with 7 holes) is the correct bobbin for your machine.

  12. Andrra says:

    I have a babylock essnte machine. It is very difficult to find the correct bobbin for my machine. I have gone to my dealer but was given bobbins that were the wrong fit. Can you help please? Any other bobbin chokes my machine thread. Thank you.

    1. Sara says:

      Your Babylock store will have the correct bobbins for you. If they do not seam to fit, please have your sewing machine checked out to see if you have something else not working properly.

  13. julie thorne says:

    Wow interesting to read I think that’s why I prefer to use the machine I’m used to altering the tension every time I use different fabrics. Sometimes find it easier to alter the screw setting on bobbin case it also helps. Thank you

  14. Judy Young says:

    Thank you for this Article, I have a Singer Studio S18 and it takes plastic bobbins. Sometimes the bobbins will jump up and down while sewing. It is very noisy, but I do not know why, can you explain what it going on with my machine. My machine is about 8 months old. Thank you.

    1. Sara says:

      Some machines are just louder than others. Be sure to clean the lint out the bobbin area and keep it lint free between sewing projects. You can have your local sewing machine technician look at it to see if something else is making it sew louder than normal.

  15. Jeannette says:

    I hate the plastic bobbins. Give me a machine the the metal bobbins any day of the week

  16. From Linda Morrison says:

    I have 5 sewing machines. Each one has their own bobbin containers. From metal to plastic. If you sew alot . Get a bag to keep them separately. I use the little zipper pencil pouch cases. You can get them for $1.00 just take a magic permanent marker. WRITE ON IT THE NAME OF THE MACHINE ON CORNER AND STORE WITH MACHINE.

  17. Betty Clack says:

    i just bought a new Brother sewing/embroidery machine. my pfaff machine feet that are special accessories appear to look like they will fit on my Brother. Are they compatible?

    1. heirloomc says:

      Hi Betty, We are neither a Pfaff Dealer or a Brother Dealer but my guess would be no they will not fit.

  18. Cheryl says:

    My grandaughter wanted to help, so she put one of her bobbins in one of my bobbin boxes. I got her a little Janome and, unfortunately, the bobbins look very similar. I have tried to see the difference, but I just can’t tell. I have a Singer Quintet, so of course they don’t match. She added hers to a box that still had 15 new bobbins in it. I have a feeling that I might just as well scrap them all. Any suggestions?

    1. Sara says:

      You definitely do not want to use the wrong bobbins in a sewing machine. Your local sewing machine store might be able to help you sort them out. We area around bobbins every day and can usually spot an out of place bobbin quickly.

  19. Mary Dinkel says:

    I bought a pack of Bernina bobbins for my 560 on Amazon. Big mistake. They look IDENTICAL to the original bobbins, but will not work. My machine goes for about 100 stitches, then I get an error and the machine stops. Unfortunately, I wound up a bunch of them and mixed them in with the originals. The only way I can identify the bad ones is to use them, then toss each one that doesn’t work. Beware of the “deals” that you can get on Amazon.

  20. Sharon Lamb says:

    I mark my bobbins with a sharpie. if the bobbin gets in yhe wrong box I will see it fast.

  21. mulan luna says:

    Hai, this is a great artical i ve ever seen bout bobbins… i love collect a lot of bobbin so that i can use it with different colour. I am using Brother NV955 embroidery machine, i think it suitable with plastic bobbin but tje thread alway come out at the end of the sewing… either my bobbin had something wrong or maybe my machine tension got problem. And it is Brother machine suitable for plastic or metal bobbin????

    1. Sara says:

      Brother sewing machines use the Brother plastic bobbins.

  22. Barbarann Farney says:

    I have a brother machine..sews perfect on double layer of material but if I am sewing across a seamless that is a little thick then thread will bunch up underneath. I use brother bobbins, thread machine correctly, put bobbin in right, new needle…can’t figure out what is wrong. I am doing everything right and it is still bunching up …please HELP! I called Brothers and they said that I am doing everything right…I read the instructions more than once….HELP

    1. Sara says:

      Hi, We would suggest taking a “learn your machine” class at your local sewing machine store. They will be able to help with the problems you are having.

  23. sherrie says:

    What is the best sewing machine to invest in

    1. Sara says:

      The best machine is the one you like the feel of when you sew on it and that you can receive classes at the store you buy it from on how to use it.

  24. Patsie says:

    Great article.

  25. Angela says:

    Thank you for sharing this information. A lot of people do not know enough about their sewing machine bobbins and it can cause them many issues. Using the wrong size bobbin is a very common beginner mistake. I wish one day the sewing machine companies would just make them all universal. There are a few things I’d like to add from my experience. For example #2 states to buy a pack of bobbins everytime you go to the store. While this is one way to acquire bobbins, another would be to buy them in bulk from an online retailer. It’s a lot faster to get many at once and it is often cheaper than Joann’s fabrics. Also, #10 implies that people are winding multiple colors of thread onto one bobbin. No one should ever use the same bobbin for different colors. This could cause the machine to jam when the outermost thread segment ends and leave the under segment to potential clog the machine. Either unwind the previous color or at mentioned in #2 purchase more bobbins for your machine.

  26. Audrey says:

    Is there truly a purpose to owning a bobbin winding gadget machine? I hear people talk about them a lot. I “thought” winding a bobbin on my machine “enabled” it to be wound at the correct tension for my machines. Is this incorrect? I have lots of toys & really do not plan on buying one of these–especially since l can wind an additional bobbin without stopping my sewing. I’m simply curious. Thanks!

    1. Sara says:

      Hi Audrey, I’m with you. I can wind my own bobbins on my own sewing machine. 🙂

  27. Judi G says:

    Half (10+) or more have light/dark bobbin thread for embroidery. I hate to run out of bobbin thread when doing a design. Judi

    P. S. I wish the IPhone had a period and comma on every screen when you are typing

  28. Val boonstra says:

    I would like a simple method of keeping bobbins with the same thread color. Any suggestions?

    1. GrandmaSue10 says:

      You can buy a little bobbin tree from “Nancy’s Notions” Or store your bobbins in a clear plastic storage box. I think shopping online at the Brand names’ site is the best. You can be misled on Amazon or Craig’s list.

  29. Geri says:

    A lot of great information! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge!

  30. Margaret Midea says:

    In the past, I once found a small round piece of plastic that fit inside then spool of thread hole that you could wrap your thread around that kept it from unwinding.

    Being unable to find them any where, I took a razor and made a deep slit at the top of the spool that I could then pull the thread into and that held the end secure and kept the thread from unwinding.
    I would still like to find something similar that I could insert into bobbins that would hold the thread till I needed to use it and would make them so much easier to store without them turning into a mess of loose threads.

    1. GrandmaSue10 says:

      I received a couple nets to put over spools of rayon or polyester thread. I have tried a bit of scotch tape, but it leaves a bit of adhesive on the thread, and I don’t think that’s a good idea. I have maybe 4 nets and about 75 spools of thread. I need to buy
      some more!

      1. Pat Brioady says:

        I ought some very small rubber(?) bands, in the hair-care aisle. They are about the size my sister had on her braces eons ago. Individually they are just the perfect size for a bobbin. But, alone they are hard to get off the bobbin, so I have chained two together. Now one end fits the bobbin and I have a pull piece for undoing my “holder”!

  31. Kate says:

    I have I tailor 935 fa machine. I can’t find what bobbins I need to be using nor any information nothing in the manual. I have one bobbin that works in the machine. HELP

    1. heirloomc says:

      I would recommend taking the machine into your local sewing machine dealer and have them help you get the correct bobbins.

  32. Jo Gale says:


    Great info thanks! I recently went to buy a new metal bobbin for my Toyota Jeans Machine and was surprised to be asked by the shop owner which stitch I was planning on doing, zig zag or running stitch because he said it made a difference. I have been sewing all my life and have never heard of this before, a bobbin is a bobbin right? It was a specialist shop selling sewing machines and repairing them. Would love to hear your views on this please!

    1. heirloomc says:

      Hi Jo, That I have never heard of.

  33. Ahmad Farodhi says:

    Nice Information

  34. Jane Adkins says:

    I am wondering why when i get thread in bobbin an pulled up after i sew some thread comes out of place in bobbin holder so i have take out an put it in right place again. And i do need to get same size bobbins the ones i have been buying lately are not as tall. Thank you for any help..

    1. Sara says:

      Always use the bobbins that are for your exact brand of sewing machine. Bobbin sizes do matter. If you continue to have troubles with thread catching, there may be a rough spot on the hook. If the sewing machine has not a professional service within the last year or two, a good sewing machine technician will get it back to like-new condition.

  35. Sheila says:

    Do all embroidery machines have bobbins with a lip inside like the Viking machines do?

    1. heirloomc says:

      No each brand has their own bobbin.

  36. Darell Placek says:

    My Epic does not fill my bobbin all the way. There is still so much space left. Is there somewhere to adjust this?

    1. Sara says:

      Yes, move the bobbin winder lever away from the bobbin. It shows with a torx screw driver but you can move it with your fingers. Test the bobbin to make sure you don’t over fill it.

  37. Jean mains says:

    I have a Vicking model 6020. Do they even make bobbins for this machine anymore

    1. Sara says:

      Yes, you can purchase bobbins for the Husqvarna Viking 6020 at your local Husqvarna Viking sewing machine store.

  38. Isabel says:

    Can I use a handi quilter M bobbin in my Bernina Q20?

    1. heirloomc says:

      We do not currently work with the Bernina Q20 I would check with your local Bernina Dealer.

  39. Wendy Taylor says:

    Hello – I have plastic bobbins that came with my Brother CE8080. Are all plastic top loading bobbins made the same ie. may I order more from Amazon at sell them by the dozen? Thanks for your reply!

    1. Sara says:

      You will want to order bobbins that are for your exact machine. Most Brother machines use the generic plastic class 15 bobbin.

  40. Jan says:

    I bought a used White sewing machine model 2037. The plastic bobbins that came with it feel very cheap and lightweight. The manual does not specify what bobbin I should be using. I’d appreciate any help you can give me.

    1. Sara says:

      The White 2037 sewing machine takes standard Class 15 bobbins either metal or plastic. Have the machine serviced and ask them what tension they set the bobbin case for: plastic or metal bobbins.

  41. Jean says:

    Thank you for your article, cannot believe I read every comment! I’ve been sewing for a few years sporadically but now I will pay a lot more attention to my bobbins thank you and I will be checking out your site again.

  42. Heidi Smith says:

    I have a Singer Quantum XL1 that was gifted to me by a person who could not fix it for herself. I got it running BUT it only came with one bobbin….JoAnns does not carry that bobbin….went to a Viking store in town…took my one bobbin with me and they sold me 5 that the service manager said were just like mine. Problem….my machine does not like the new bobbins….how hard is it for sewing machine companies to stamp an item number on bobbins??? Mine are metal but this is ludicrous running all over town trying to find the right bobbins. More delays on a major project! I am quite unhappy to have to return the bobbins and nowhavingto take the machine with me…

    1. Sara says:

      Yes, your Singer Quantum XL1 takes metal bobbins with four “holes” on the top. If you search Google for “Singer Quantum XL1 bobbins you will find numerous places that sell your bobbins.

      I am wondering if the last person could not fix it and gave it to you, the machine might need to be serviced by a professional service person.

  43. Karen Little says:

    I have a Kenmore 16 machine. Obviously it is very old. I have it serviced every couple of years. I use both plastic and metal bobbins in it but really prefer the metal bobbins — the stitches seem to be more even and there is less chance of having major “nests” of thread on the underside. My sewing machine book does not say which type of bobbin to use and I have had the machine for so many years I have no idea what came with it! In order to prevent problems in the future, how would I find out this information. Sears no longer exists in Canada — that is where I bought it of course — so I have no idea where to get information. My local sewing machine repair store is/has closed (owners retired) and I have no idea where I will now get it serviced! I live in a city of 600,000 — you would think there would be more then one repair shop! Anyway, if you can tell me what type of bobbin I should be using I would really appreciate that information. I learned a lot from your article. Thanks.

    1. Sara says:

      The metal bobbins are correct for this machine. You can order the standard “Class 15” metal bobbins from any website.

  44. Gay A Williams says:

    Does a class 15 bobbin hold 30 yards of thread?

    1. Sara says:

      Actual yardage that a bobbin holds depends on the thickness of thread you are winding on the bobbin.

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