Amanda McCavour’s Flowers of Thread Exhibit

"Pink Field, Blue Fog"

We Carry
by Sara Snuggerud in Sewing Tips

I recently visited the Washington Pavilion in Sioux Falls, SD recently to catch the “Pink Field, Blue Fog” thread art exhibit by Amanda McCavour.

Amanda creates rooms suspended with thread art turning empty space into magical gardens. She uses both sewing machines and embroidery machines to create thousands of shapes. Each piece is stitched on water soluble stabilizer, washed out and shaped to dry into the various forms of thread life.

Though only on exhibit in Sioux Falls, SD until June 2, 2019, it is worth the price of admission.

Here you see how Amanda stitches back and forth on hooped water soluble stabilizer. The feed dogs are up and she uses the reverse button of her sewing machine to stitch forward and reverse. The hoop holds the stabilizer and allows her to turn the flower around to stitch in different directions.

She has also experimented using an embroidery machine to stitch out the numerous flowers needed for her spectacular exhibits that fills entire rooms.

Using embroidery software allows Amanda to place each stitch exactly in the desired position and control how light and lacy the flowers are to be embroidered to achieve the look of transparency.

This video shows how she creates each flower and where she draws her creativity from to continue to be inspired each and every day.

Visit Amanda MCCavour’s website to see other similar thread exhibits and locations.

Thank you Amanda for sharing your “Pink Field, Blue Fog” exhibit in Sioux Falls, SD.