Stitching Cosmos Photo Gallery #2

We Carry
by Sara Snuggerud in Sewing Tips

Each year we invite our graduating class of Stitching Cosmos students back to share their quilts and experiences from the course. This year was just as amazing as our first Stitching Cosmos reveal party!


The pictures you are about to see include all sewing techniques. It is common for audience members to think that this was all created on an embroidery machine. They are quickly surprised to learn that Stitching Cosmos is NOT an embroidery class – all techniques are completed on a sewing machine using decorative stitches and accessory feet.


The Stitching Cosmos is now available as three separate online courses. We have filmed the Stitching Cosmos online course on a Bernina, Husqvarna Viking and Pfaff. Here is an idea of what you will learn if you join us online.

Click here to learn more about the online courses. 

Here is a link to the first Stitching Cosmos Reveal party and a complete photo gallery of their quilts.

Over 25 Sewing Techniques!

Over 18 Accessory Feet Featured!

From pin tucks, couching to making your own chenille, Stitching Cosmos is an amazing course to expand into new create avenues you and your sewing machine are guided to explore together. By the end of the course the two of you will be even closer BFF’s than before.

This student placed each block and the handouts from class in a scrapbook sized notebook. For her this was a better future reference than putting it all together in a quilt.

This quote we commonly hear from our students at every session and definitely at the end of the Stitching Cosmos course…

I did not know my sewing machine could do all this!

Whether you are inspired by a group of fat quarters or a special fabric and color your mom always enjoyed sewing with, the back story of many of these quilts will make you stand back and enjoy every element on each block. This purple and green quilt was inspired by the designers mom’s love of irises.

Check out the beautiful lace ribbon woven through the buttons along with the twin needle stitching!

These warm colors are guaranteed to draw a viewer in to see all the many details applied to all twenty blocks.

Yes, you even get to master using a bias binder in the class!

Speaking of additional accessory feet…when you attend a Stitching Cosmos course at Heirloom Creations, we have Bernina, Viking and Pfaff feet open for students to try out before they buy them. This is a great way to experiment with a technique or foot to determine if you will use it again in the future.

For those of you drooling at your computer right now, watch for the online Stitching Cosmos courses coming soon!

We have now completed filming of THREE SEPARATE Stitching Cosmos courses.

Wondering how many colors you need for a Stitching Cosmos quilt?

This student did it with only three fabrics!

You can even do it with just two colors!

If you love color, look for color changing fabrics like ombres!

Working with a theme such as patriotic colors is a great way to pull together a variety of fabrics and elements to incorporate with all the sewn techniques.

If you want a finished quilt bigger than 20 – 10″ blocks, plan to add additional blocks and a border for the desired size.

If these pictures have inspired you, please join us for a Stitching Cosmos class in store or online.