10 Reasons to Buy Your Next Sewing Machine from Heirloom Creations

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by Sara Snuggerud in Sewing Machines

Why do people travel from miles away to purchase their new sewing machines from Heirloom Creations?

Here is a short list why everyone says Sioux Falls residents are so lucky. This list was compiled by customer comments, customer e-mails and things we overhear daily from our customers talking about why they shop at Heirloom Creations and why you should buy your next sewing machine from Heirloom Creations.

These items are in random order, because no one area of our store can be successful without the other.

1. Sewing Machine Service

If sewing machines are not happy, no one is happy. Our onsite service includes our two full time sewing machine technicians. They can service all brands of sewing machines, embroidery machines and sergers. They have seen it all! Buy your next sewing machine from Heirloom Creations and you will receive one year of service FREE!

2. Classes & Sewing Events

We offer classes with purpose. From learning to use your brand new sewing machine to mastering a special sewing machine accessory, we have classes scheduled mornings, afternoons, evenings and Saturdays. Watch for guest teachers and special events hosted throughout the year. If you buy your next sewing machine from Heirloom Creations you will receive up to six 3-hour Sewing Machine Mastery classes with your machine purchase to learn how to use it. Click here for all current events and classes.



3. Monthly Sewing Club

One the second Tuesday of each month, we host a sewing lecture as part of the Sewtopia Sewing Club. Open to all brands of sewing machine owners, we present a different sewing inspired topic each month. Club members also receive exclusive discounts on all purchases. If you buy your next sewing machine from Heirloom Creations you will receive a 12 month Sewtopia Sewing Club membership free with your purchase.



4. Monday Morning E-Mails 

You can set you watch by our e-mails. Every Monday morning we personally send you the list of weekly classes, events, and specials. We also include a blog post with additional sewing related information. This sometimes includes one of Sara’s 2,000+ videos, new sewing tips, or something new she is working on.

5. Current Website

We pride ourself on keeping our website updated. From sewing tips, blog posts, classes and class supply lists, everything is accessible 24 hours a day. You can even print off the 8 page PDF in-store newsletter.

6. Thread!

We have the area’s largest selection of sewing thread. It is obvious you can not sew without thread so why be limited. We stock over 19 types of thread from construction, quilting, embroidery, variegated, invisible, glow in the dark to serger thread.

7. Four Serger Experts on Staff

Sergers are one machine that we know inside and out. When people need serger help, they usually end up at Heirloom Creations. People are sometimes scared of their sergers but after just one visit, a serger class or maybe just a serger service, they are back loving their serger in no time flat. Judeen and Sara take care of serger sewing techniques, while Gary and Ryan make them purr in our service department.

8. Top 10 Husqvarna Viking dealer in the country in 2015

Heirloom Creations sold a record number of Husqvarna Viking sewing machines in 2015 making them one of the largest stores in the United States.


Sequence Stitches and Illuminated Sewing Area

9. Sara Snuggerud Works Here!

Sara has become an International sewing star. With the popularity of Heirloom Creations’ videos, people come to the store to buy sewing machines from Sara and take classes from her. Heirloom Creations YouTube channel has over 54,000 subscribers (as of April 2017) and with over 12 million views! She is also a two-time online Craftsy class instructor. Her first class Serger Solutions: Troubleshooting Techniques and her second class T-Shirt Quilts: Start to Finish have become overnight successes!


10. We host the popular website  

The website to started to help our customers who needed help with their sewing machines. It has since become a worldwide phenomenon. We took every sewing machine we sell and did a short video on every page of the manual. Need to know how to make a buttonhole or use the needle threader on your new sewing machine? This is where you find the answers.


11. Bonus Reason…We Stock Sewing Furniture!

We have the area’s largest selection of four different lines of sewing furniture. From sewing cabinets to cutting tables, we have them on display and in-stock.

Come in and experience why you should buy your next sewing machine from Heirloom Creations.