Summer Camp for Your Sewing Machine

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by Sara Snuggerud in Sewing Machines

Send your sewing machine to the Heirloom Creations’ Sewing Machine Summer Camp! Instead of leaving your sewing machine home alone when you head off on vacation, plan to take it in for its annual service.

Just think, it could be hanging out with other sewing machines all day, getting amazing spa treatments from our very talented technicians, singing sewing machine camp songs at night and sleep all tucked in and safe awaiting for your return. Camp counselors can even pet it and hug it everyday just like you do, if you ask. And, there is no extra charge for extra overnights. You can leave it at Heirloom Creations’ Sewing Machine Summer Camp as long as you need. When you arrive home from all your summer travels and activities, your best friend will be all tuned up and ready for your next sewing adventure together. (Ahh, Kumbaya)

Open up your calendar right now. You probably have tons of planned activities that do not involve your sewing machine: vacations, camping, gardening, golfing, baseball games, visits with the grandkids. Pick a short stretch of time that you are sure you can live without your sewing machine for a few days and set a “Sewing Machine Summer Camp” reminder so you do not forget!

Also, we are betting that you are planning a few quilt shop stops on your next vacation. What quilter doesn’t save a little extra room in their suitcase for a few quilting kit souvenirs? There are going to be new projects you are going to want to start as soon as you get home. Wouldn’t it be nice that your sewing machine was all fresh and clean upon your return home?

A clean sewing machine is a happy sewing machine.

Sewing Machine Summer Camp Items Needed

Please send the following items to camp with your sewing machine:

Foot control
Power cord
Standard presser foot
Bobbin case
If you have a sewing machine travel case or cover, please include it so it can stay extra clean during those free extra overnights.

Click here to read a complete list of included Heirloom Creations Sewing Machine Summer Camp activities.

Embroidery Designs shown are from Embroidery Design Studio Retro Appliques #12677.