Buying a Used Sewing Machine from Heirloom Creations

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by Sara Snuggerud in Sewing Tips

“New Forever Homes Wanted”

At any given time Heirloom Creations has 10 – 25 used sewing machines, embroidery machines and sergers serviced and ready to go.

These machines have passed a long inspection list to even be considered to reach our prestigious used machine area in our store.

Click here for a link of our current list of used or demo machines.

What should you be aware of when purchasing a used sewing machine?

Used sewing machines are available everywhere. It is so hard to know for sure if it is worth purchasing a used sewing machine from someone you do not know. If you easily have anxiety issues, buying a used sewing machine from a reputable sewing machine retailer will be well worth skipping those sleepless nights.

Need a laugh?

Sara once bought a Bernina serger online for a reasonable price. When it arrived from Texas it was FULL of rust – the humidity had wrecked havoc on this poor serger. The parts moved but there was no way it was going to sew. The seller said it worked – they had turned it on, saw that the light lit up and deemed it in “fine working order”. Sara did get a full refund but the whole situation left a bad feeling of buying any machine sight unseen.

Here at Heirloom Creations…

Used sewing machines come with so much MORE! Not only will you save money up front, we are here to take care of you, include you in our Mastery classes and offer you the same service new machine owners receive.

First, only machines who pass a long list of quality tests are allowed to be resold at Heirloom Creations. These machines have been inspected, checked for overworked areas and given a full Heirloom Creations service before being tagged for resale.

Second, buying a used sewing machine from Heirloom Creations includes the standard Mastery classes and one year of service from our fine service department. An average of three Sewing Mastery classes valued at $300 are included PLUS the first year’s service. That’s a savings of at least $400! And even more if it is an embroidery machine.

What is the difference between our USED sewing machines and DEMO sewing machines?

A used sewing machine means that it has been owned by a pervious person. It has left our store and has resided in someone else’s home.

Heirloom Creations acquires used sewing machines in one of two ways.

  1. A sewist has decided to trade in their current machine when purchasing a new sewing machine.
  2. Or, Heirloom Creations has used a machine for a couple years to sew store samples.

When purchasing a used machine, not all accessories are traded in with the machine. Check which accessories are included before purchasing. Example: If we do not receive a printed manual from the previous owner, a manual may need to be printed from the Internet if you wish to have one.

A demo sewing machine is a machine that has NOT been owned by a previous person and comes with a FULL manufactures warranty. Demo machines have often been used a couple times in a classroom or event setting. We always feel that demo machines have had time to prove that they are working to their finest top level and have no flaws. A few sewn and/or embroidered projects let us know that they are running exactly as a new machine should run.

What happens to older used sewing machines?

Used sewing machines that do not pass our inspection list often become a “Donor” sewing machine. Some of its parts may go on to live in other machines that may need a little extra assistance.

But, (sniff) if a sewing machine has reached the end of its life, it is our responsibility to recycle it correctly. With recycling being a big part of our every day life, older sewing machines can be melted down and used in future products. You never know, your new car may have a little sewing machine metal in it!

Speaking of recycling, if you do have an old sewing machine and wish it to be recycled correctly, we do accept old sewing machines to be dropped off at our store. We will make sure it is properly recycled.

“Rest in Pieces”

This story does have a happy ending. If you want to save a little money, swing my our used sewing machine area and see if any machines call your name. Who knows? You just might be that special person they have been searching for their entire life.

Live Outside Our Area?

Used machines are available for local pickup only. We encourage you to check out used machines available from your own local sewing machine retailers who also are waiting to find their own “Forever Homes”.