Confetti Flowers by Anita Goodesign

We Carry
by Sara Snuggerud in Embroidery

What do you get when you cut up ribbons, yarns and threads and embroider over it? Confetti designs!

See how to make these Confetti flowers all in an embroidery hoop!

Anita Goodesign Confetti Flowers

Confetti Flowers in a Circle

Design collections are $69.95 and come with 29 designs. Designs can be embroidered as free standing flowers as well as on regular fabric.

Can you see these designs added to a bag, a special pin to wear or to a little girls hair bow? We can.

At some of the Anita Goodesign events, they have even run some contests to see who could be the most creative in the group. Can you imagine what kinds of “confetti” was chopped up into these flowers? Clothing tags, candy wrappers and even money! How creative could you have with a group of tweens? It would be a great party activity.

Designs come as 20 main blocks and 9 transitional blocks. Blocks in sizes 7.8”, 6.8”, 5.8”, and 4.8” and 20 free standing flowers in sizes 5.5” and 4.5”.


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