A Quilter’s Dream … Once Upon a Time

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by Sara Snuggerud in Sewing Tips

Once upon a time there was a quilter who took over the dining room table. Dinner was served around scraps of fabrics, pins and scissors. Then she went to Heirloom Creations and found the perfect companion. Her new sewing cabinet will be just what she (and her family) needed.

No more sore shoulders, no more eating around the sewing machine and now, more sewing enjoyment.

She purchased Heirloom Creations’ TOP SELLING sewing cabinet – the Horn 5280 “Elite” Airlift Super Quilter’s Dream” sewing cabinet.



Sewing furniture has come a long way from days of old, but one thing still remains the same. The lowered height of the sewing machine is the KEY. Taking a sewing machine and dropping down INTO the cabinet provides users the proper sewing height along with a perfectly flat surface for fabric to flow along. This allows users to sew PAIN-FREE!  Sewers who are pain-free sew MORE. If you want to sew more, buy a sewing cabinet. It’s that simple!


When sewing machines are nestled into a sewing cabinet, it is always ready and waiting to be turned on. No more clearing a space, dragging out the sewing machine, and searching for an outlet before you even get to turn it on. If it always stays plugged in and ready for use, those extra 5 or 10 minutes can to used for something useful. A couple seams here or there on a quilt will add up a lot quicker than if the sewing machine is stored in the closet.

As sewing machines have INCREASED in size and weight, older sewing machine cabinets may not be strong enough to support the added vibration. Upgrading a sewing machine may also need to include upgrading the sewing cabinet. Do not let this be the reason not to get the sewing machine of your dreams! Trust me, it worth it to get the right sewing furniture for the sewing machine you own.

Sewing furniture these days now have amazing new features such as Electric Lifts. For those of us with sewing machines that are also embroidery machines, the electric lifts gently raises and lowers the machine from the sewing height to the embroidery level with a touch of a button. Machines are heavy. Let the sewing cabinet do the work for you.

For added work space for larger projects, many sewing cabinet models have extra flip-up work spaces. These can be left open if the room allows or flipped up and down as needed for smaller work spaces. This allows customizability for many different sewer’s areas.

Heirloom Creations stocks many different sewing machine cabinet sizes, styles, and colors for the largest selection in Sioux Falls. We discovered sewers do not want to order sewing furniture from a catalog. That is why our show room is stocked with sewing furniture and a warehouse is stocked as well!

Most of our sewing furniture comes fully assembled. This proves that the quality of our sewing furniture is more than just a box with hopefully the right amount of pieces and screws. Sewing furniture can be moved in and used immediately!

Here are feature items we think all sewing furniture should have:

  • Rounded corners for safety
  • Sewing machine cut-out so you can sit directly in front of the sewing machine needle
  • Mar-resistant work surface
  • Rolling casters for easy movement
  • Additional space behind the sewing machine
  • Completely assembled for immediate enjoyment

Come see all the wonderful sewing furniture choices available and READY to take home with you. Heirloom Creation is truly the place for all your sewing furniture needs.

Click here for a complete list of sewing furniture brands we stock.

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