How to Clean and Oil a Bernina 8 Series Machine – Bernina 830 and Bernina 820 models

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by Sara Snuggerud in Sewing Tips


The new Bernina 8-Series sewing machines have an entirely new bobbin and hooks system that need to be attended to with regular cleaning and oiling. It is recommended by Bernina technicians to oil the Bernina 830 and 820 sewing machines at the beginning of EVERY day. If you are not already doing this please watch this short video of how to take care of your best friend.

Each day I sit down to sew I take one minute to add one drop of oil to the hook system of my Bernina 830 sewing and embroidery machine. This ensures a smooth day of sewing and a long life for this machine.


To begin, open the bobbin case door. Remove the Bernina 8-Series bobbin. Hold your left hand underneath the Bernina bobbin assembly to prevent movement and turn the hand wheel toward you. Stop when you can see the exposed copper wire on the top as shown in the picture above. Using the oil that came with the Bernina 8-Series machine, drop one drop of oil onto the copper wire. Insert the bobbin and close the bobbin door. It is recommended to stitch on a scrap piece of fabric for a few stitches to be sure no oil comes up on the project fabric.

If you own other Bernina sewing machines it is recommended to oil and clean your sewing machine every 2 to 5 bobbins. You will instantly hear the difference in the machines’ running sound after oil has been added to the hook. Because the Bernina sewing machines hook systems have metal against metal when they run, they do get dry over time. Without regular oilings a Bernina sewing machine will not give you that perfect Swiss precision stitch it is designed to make.

Remember to treat your sewing machine to a yearly service to have all its other metal parts oiled and cleaned. Contact your local Bernina dealer for this service.