How To Hang Small Quilts with Easy Triangle Quilt Sleeve

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by Sara Snuggerud in Sewing Tips

How To Hang Small Quilts:

To hang a smaller quilt you don’t necessarily need a quilt sleeve on the back, but more like pocket corners. This technique is ideal for many quilts even up to a baby size quilt. Just plan to add the corners prior to stitching the quilt’s binding in place.

These corners will easily hold a dowel or a strip of wood in place which can be placed over a nail or two on the wall. I have even been known to use something as a lightweight as a wooden skewer for some of my mini quilts.

Measure the top of the quilt. Divide the measurement by three. If you have a 12″ wide quilt cut four squares 4″ wide. Fold and press the squares in half diagonally with wrong sides together. I usually baste the squares in place to the back of the quilt with a 1/8″ seam allowance. That way when I stitch my quilt binding on they are held in place.

For larger quilts use the same formula. This works out because the squares are larger across a wider quilt.

Since this method is completely machine stitched, it is an ideal solution from having to hand stitch a quilt sleeve to the back of the quilt.

When adding corners for hanging, I always add one at all four corners. That way if I want to add a dowel along the bottom of the quilt it will help keep the lower edge from curling away from the wall. It’s much easier to add them now instead of adding them after the fact.

“Fast Finish Triangles”
Fast Finish Triangles are the preferred method of preparing Priority: Alzheimer’s Quilts for display. This method creates a place for a small dowel that the quilt can be hung on a single nail behind the quilt. The nail will never be seen and it is super easy to get the quilt to hang straight. To display, simply insert a small dowel, chop stick, skewer, or stiff plastic drinking straw under the top triangles. Pound a nail in the wall and balance the quilt on the nail.