Why You Should Never Miss a Guest Speaker, Trunk Show or Workshop

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by Sara Snuggerud in Events, Sewing Tips

Save yourself hundreds of dollars if not thousands!

When your local sewing store brings a special guest teacher to you, you should make every effort possible to attend.

If you add up what it would cost to travel, attend a quilt show, take a sewing workshop, stay a couple nights in a hotel and eat, a sewing class could easily cost $500 – $2,000 or more. Think about all the money you will save for future sewing purchases like that new sewing machine you have been eyeing!

We always have Special Events scheduled on our class calendar. The new Heirloom Creations newsletter calendar has all the special events highlighted in full color.

Guest speakers bring a wide array of outside information, fabric samples in unique color combinations and have an expertise level that is beyond valuable. Their stories will inspire. Their creations will excite all the senses. Their terminology might be just the twist you need to hear. Their influence on you can last a lifetime. Education is never ending. Guest speakers are even inspired by you. Be sure to join in on the never ending circle of continued education – from teacher to student and from student to teacher!

It is pretty special when stores bring in guest speakers, hosts special events or offers unique hands-on workshops. Since these events may only be a one-time event, try to arrange your schedule to attend. Sign up a friend so the two of you will have something fun to look forward to together.

Attendees are also often rewarded with merchandise specials or special bundle pricing not offered outside the event dates. This alone can help offset the price of the class or workshop!

Sign Up Early!

Our customers know that signing up early is the only way to guarantee their seats. Since the posting of the current newsletter the phone has been ringing off the hook!

Some events are already FULL, but we can always add you to the waiting list. Here at Heirloom Creations we max out at 50 people for lectures and 16 people for hands-on workshops. No one likes to be on the waiting list…sign up early!

These pictures were from when the owner of Aurifil thread, Alex Veronelli, visited Heirloom Creations. Here is a short interview with Alex while he was at our store.