Pfaff USA Welcomes Back Sara Snuggerud

We Carry
by Sara Snuggerud in Sewing Machines

Pfaff USA is excited to welcome back Sara Snuggerud to their side of the industry.

Some of you know that Sara started working at a sewing machine store when she was 15 1/2 years old in Santa Barbara, CA. That store sold Pfaff and Bernina sewing machines and industrial sewing machines. The store, Grant House Sewing Machines, is still a Pfaff and Bernina dealer today.

Grant House (yes, “House” is his last name, but everyone thought it was Grant’s house that they were visiting), hired Sara on the spot after she sat down and started helping him sew hand puppets with kids at the local fair.

That weekend of “helping out” started my current career path. Grant took me under his wing and gave me the love and passion I have to this day about selling sewing machines and sergers at a very young age.

Speaking of sergers, if was because of the Pfaff sergers and their eight accessory feet, that I asked Grant if I could put together a serger and accessory presentation to show people why they needed to buy a serger and what they could do with all eight feet. We scheduled and packed the house for two sessions that day.

But Grant did something at that first Pfaff serger session that I am thankful for to this very day of – he video taped my presentation. He said that I could watch it between sessions and see how I could improve for the evening session. At the end of the day, Grant and I had sold 16 Pfaff sergers and 128 feet! Not bad for only being 16 years old!

When the Pfaff dealer sewing machine convention rolled around, Grant sent me to Las Vegas at the age of 18 as his official store representative.

Jill, Judeen and Sara at the SVP Worldwide headquarters in Nashville, TN for Pfaff certification.

Fast forward a couple decades and here I am back working with the Pfaff sewing machine brand again but with a new twist. Pfaff is currently Husqvarna Viking’s sister brand. SVP Worldwide now operates both brands together but separately. After we started doing videos on for the Husqvarna Viking machines, SVP Worldwide asked us if we could also film the tutorial videos for all the Pfaff sewing machines, sergers and embroidery machines. We can now officially say, Pfaff videos are coming soon to!

Most adults probably have no idea the impact they have on teenagers. Always know that teenagers are watching you – how you treat others, how you dress and the grace of the knowledge you share with them. The smallest seeds are often sown without anyone knowing that a garden is about to bloom right in front of them.

Dear Grant House,

You probably have no idea how setting up that video camera in the back of that classroom helped me at such a young age.

Thank you,

Sara Snuggerud

Hello Pfaff – I’m BACK!