What is Sewtopia Sewing Club?

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by Sara Snuggerud in Events, Sewing Machines, Sewing Tips

The short answer is Sewtopia is our Sewing Club! It is a fun presentation each month that will expose you to new sewing and quilting techniques regardless of your level of sewing experience. If you just got a new sewing machine, embroidery machine or serger this a great way to learn more from us and be inspired by other sewers in the area.

Often hosted by our very own Sara Snuggerud, the Sewtopia Sewing Club is often graced with outside guest speakers or shipped in Trunk Shows.

Sewtopia Sewing Club started in 2002 at Heirloom Creations. Wanting to not limit its members who own one specific sewing machine brand, we created a name that would welcome sewers of all denominations. Lectures are the second Tuesday of the Month at 10am, 2pm or 6:30pm and attendees do not need to RSVP. This lecture format requires no sewing machines. Of course, you might like to bring a camera.

Every month is a different sewing topic. Keeping up with the latest sewing trends is a full time job for Heirloom Creations and their team members. We use the Sewtopia Sewing Club as a platform to keep sewers in the know with the ever changing trends. If you are an experienced sewer, our Sewtopia Sewing Club offers beginning to advanced sewing, quilting, embroidery and serging techniques to push your creative boundaries.

Regular attendees often make monthly scarifies knowing that a sewing topic presented at Sewtopia Sewing Club is not repeated anytime in the near future. But have no fear, the annual November Sewtopia Sewing Club lecture is a “Year in Review” helping members get a sneak peek of what they might have missed when they were on Summer vacation. This is also great for members who have just going Sewtopia at the end of the year letting them see some many of the featured topics that had been presented throughout the current year.

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Sewtopia Sewing Club is also a place to share your current sewing projects. We reserve a special time at the end of each lecture to let people show what they have been working on. We get to share in the joy of a quilt for a new grandchild, gifts that will be given during the holidays, repurposed blocks that were found when a family member past away to a new project started from inspiration gained from a previous Sewtopia Sewing Club.

Sewtopia Sewing Club members also enjoy an automatic 10% off most items in the store. Show your Sewtopia Sewing Club card at the register and receive the 10% off discount on needles, thread, sewing supplies, accessory feet, bobbins, embroidery collections, etc.

If you have purchased a new sewing machine, serger or embroidery machine from Heirloom Creations, you received a complimentary one year membership to the Sewtopia Sewing Club. We hope you will attend at least once to see what new things you can learn, be encouraged by others to expand your sewing knowledge and become part of a wonderful group of sewers with the same passion.

We have noticed many new friendships have been formed through these monthly lectures. Whether having a similar interest through an item shared during Show-N-Tell or just reaching out and saying “Hi, my name is…” Some members often meet for coffee before the morning club, go out to lunch before the afternoon session or meet up for a quick bite before the evening session.

Bonus – Every August we change up the Sewtopia Sewing Club and offer a small hands-on project. One year we did a dying project with bleach and took everyone outside of a fun experiment. Another year we provided small cut up squares for each person to make a sewn mosaic quilt block with gridded interfacing. And recently everyone made this picture frame stand organizer for sewing supplies.

The Sewtopia Sewing Club does go dark for the month of December giving its members time to spend sewing or attend other holiday related events.

The annual membership fee of $25. Memberships run for 12 months from the date you join.

We welcome you to try out a Sewtopia Sewing Club as a guest for just $10. If you decide you want to enjoy a complete year of Sewtopia Club benefits, apply your $10 guest fee that same day toward the $25 membership fee.

Visit the Heirloom Creations class calendar to see what that next Sewtopia Sewing Club topic will be.