Time for a new Sewing Room?

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by Sara Snuggerud in Embroidery, Serger, Sewing Machines, Sewing Tips

When you’re ready to upgrade your home, you go to the Home Show. And when you’re ready to upgrade your outdoor living spaces, you go to the Lawn & Garden Show. But what about when you’re ready to design your own sewing studio?

You go straight to Heirloom Creations!

We have an entire showroom full of sewing furniture—sewing cabinets, cutting tables, sewing chairs and multiple options for extra storage. We have sewing studio options for every style and budget.

Want to Design Your Own Sewing Studio? Start Here.

Start by answering these questions to determine your sewing studio needs and sewing studio style.

1. Do you often work on large projects?

2. Would you like it to completely close your sewing machine when it is not in use?

3. Do you have a room all to yourself or do not have to share?

4. Do you sew in a common space such as a family room?

5. Would you like to have both a sewing machine and a serger in the same cabinet?

6. Do you need storage for thread, sewing tools, and fabric?

7. Would you like an extra workspace to flip up behind the sewing machine?

8. What is your preference – a hydraulic life or an electric lift?

9. Would you like to have a sewing table tall enough to use as a cutting table?

10. Does your sewing machine also embroider?

11. Will you always be sewing in your current room, or do you plan to take over another area of the home once the children move out of the house?

12. Do you currently own or are planning to own a sewing machine with a longer bed/throat space or a heavier head frame in the future?

Design For Your Future Needs

No matter how you answered the questions above, be sure to leave yourself some growing room. Think about how and what you might like to be sewing once your retire or once you can take over your oldest child’s bedroom when they go off to college.

Please. Please. Please.

Always sit at a cabinet prior to purchase to check for proper height, space, and comfort. Check to see that you will be able to sit directly in front of your sewing machine’s needle.

Sewing Cabinet Inserts

A sewing cabinet insert is a plexiglass filler piece that sits snuggly around your sewing machine’s shape. An insert allows for the sewing project to flow across the sewing cabinet without gravity pulling against it. This item is custom-cut to any make or model of your sewing machine. Please allow 2-3 weeks for this item to arrive.

Assembled, Not Assembled, or Shipped to the House?

If you’re in the market for some furniture, we’ve got you covered. We carry both assembled and none assembled furniture. Sometimes it’s easier to get it home or in the right room if it isn’t put together.

Our selection is huge, and we have something for everyone!

The Sewing Studio Companies We Stock

We have taken years researching and carefully selecting each of the four sewing studio furniture companies to stock. Here is a short description of each of the brands that have passed our requirement tests.

  • Horn of America offers cabinets fully assembled with electric lifts, and we have many on display in the store. We have a variety of sizes, colors, and styles available to fit your space.
  • Arrow Classic Sewing Furniture offers entry-level sewing tables, chairs, and cabinets. All of our furniture is made with quality materials and built to last.
  • Kangaroo Sewing Furniture is a company that offers Ready To Assemble Midline sewing cabinets and cutting solutions for all your sewing needs. We believe in making life easier, so we only offer products that are affordable and easy to assemble. We also offer a variety of color options so you can find the one that suits your style best.

At Heirloom Creations we understand that the process of finding the right sewing cabinet can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re here to help you narrow down your options and find the perfect one for you.

We have a variety of styles and popular colors in stock and ready to send home with you today. Come tell us what your answers are to the above questions, and our sewing studio experts will be happy to help you find exactly what you need!

Stop by our showroom @ 3800 S Western Ave, Sioux Falls SD 57105