Sitting Pretty

We Carry
by Sara Snuggerud in Archives

Lately, I have been “re-teaching” myself how to sit in a chair. Sound silly? It is the most natural thing to do right? Wrong!

When we “sew” we constantly move around our sewing room, from going to the cutting table, to the ironing board, back to lay out a pattern, read directions, and then sit to actually sew.

I have observed lately how many of us sit in the chair to sew. I’ve noticed we usually sit on the edge of the chair and lean forward. We might as well sit on a stool…we rarely use the BACK of the chair at all.

So lately, I have been making a conscious note of how I position my tush in my chair, before I step on the foot control. I am stopping, sliding all the way to the BACK of my chair, then rolling my chair toward my sewing machine before sewing. I can actually hear my back saying, “Thank you, thank you” as it is properly supported for how ever long I will be at the sewing machine.

Next time you sit down to sew, notice how you are sitting. Do you sit on the edge or only half way back in the chair?

Now if you are sitting on a hard kitchen chair with no back support, maybe its time to rethink your sewing set up. Come in and get professionally measured for a true Ergonomic Sewing Chair available in many sizes and colors from Heirloom Creations.

Make this winter and time to enjoy your sewing projects and don’t let your back or shoulder pain dictate how long you are able to sew.

Stop by and let me if this makes a difference for you!