Thanks for Listening…

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by Sara Snuggerud in Embroidery, Events, Sewing Machines, Sewing Tips

Thanks for listening

I never thought I would hear this statement from this particular person.

This story started earlier this week.

Many of you know that Heirloom Creations recently clearanced out all the quilting fabric after being a quilt store and sewing machine store for the last 26 years. With Cleo standing on the corner of Retirement Ave & Work-For-a-Few-More Years, it was time to start evolving the store into what we do best. Sell, service, accessorize and teach all things sewing machines.

First, we didn’t realize fabric would sell out so quickly. Apparently when you advertise that there is a fabric sale, quilters will come out of the wood work and buy it all up. We were expecting to have an awesome Black Friday week with the fabric at 65% off. Since all the fabric disappeared last week when it was up to 50% off, we have had to jump start the rearranging reset of the store.

hc cabinets

Next up, start unboxing all the sewing machine cabinets that have been waiting in our warehouse. Currently we have 12 new sewing cabinets on display. Who wants to pick out sewing furniture from a catalog. Sewers want to touch, feel, see, (lick) before deciding on that perfect home for their precious sewing machine or serger. Wood color, size, drawer location, sides that flip up, backs that flip up are all items that need to be just right before making a cabinet decision. With so many cabinets on display this might just be the year to pick out the perfect one. Or do what some gals have already been doing. Take a picture of the one they want and e-mail it to “Santa”!

We are also in the middle of finalizing the entire first half of 2016’s complete class schedule. We have 5 BIG events scheduled for 2016. Watch the website for all the details in the next couple weeks. Classes are being added to the website while I am simultaneously making everything pretty for the printed newsletter. All classes should be set by the end of November.

Click here to see the current list of classes.

All week we have been able to really focus on all the sewing machine questions, fixing immediate problems (the holiday sewing season is in full swing), and assisting with getting all the sewing machines in and out for service. This last part is almost a full-time job these days!

“Thanks for listening.”

We have also had time to stop, hangout with our sewing friends, hear their stories and help assist them to get to their next sewing level, what ever that is for each person. I actually have felt more relaxed these past couple days than I have in a long time.

“Thanks for listening.”

With this new, more focused way of life at Heirloom Creations, one never knows when one can make a difference in someone’s life.

We were helping this particular sewer get some supplies for their upcoming embroidery class. We started chatting and got to know them a little bit more. When this person left they said something I never thought I would hear.

“Thanks for listening.”

He was a Catholic priest.