Tips for Sewing & Quilting Newbies

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by Sara Snuggerud in Sewing Tips

We asked our Facebook fans, “What sewing or quilting advise would you give to a newbie?”

Thanks for all the comments! Please add your own advise at the end of this post!

Lindsay Mattison: Buy a 1/4″ foot for your sewing machine!

Carrie Cunningham: Practice straight, utility and decorative stitches. Take some basic machine and sewing classes. Buy lots of inexpensive muslin to practice with.

Sharon Wirth: Have space for your “stash that is yet to come”

Jackie VanDamme Abel: Good tools in good working order will be your best friends.

June Pullman: Only buy quality quilting fabric from a quilt store. Your end product will last a LOT longer and won’t wear as fast.

Gail Ann: Go to Heirloom Creations to get your machines and learn. (Yes, machines you will own more then one!!!)

Judie Renfrow: Precision cutting, press, press, press. Second Jackie and June.

Donna Lee Bittiker: Do not start on a hand-me-down 40 year old machine or a cheap machine from walmart. Invest in a good machine and take classes.

Gail Larson Swee: Start with small enough projects that you can easily finish – it will give you momentum to tackle larger, more difficult pieces.

Mary Kirschenman: Dive in! And remember ….it’s suppose to be fun!!…and don’t worry about those darn quilting police

Dorothy VerMeer: Start small and simple and do not give up. Have fun with it!

Renee Mollendor Boyer: Don’t worry about being perfect . That will come in time. Practice makes perfect. Your going to make mistakes, and you will learn from them.

Linda Gerwick: Exactly what Renee says…. you’re not going to be perfect …. you are in the process of learning, so don’t expect perfection, but rather enjoy the process of learning … and we all STILL make mistakes!!

Jo Ann Pilgrim: Mistakes will happen, accept them, learn from them, and I’m sure I’ve made them all at one time or another. Enjoy.

Gayle Cole: Find a space to call your own! and do it right. It’s your creation! And it never a good quilt until you run out of fabric and have to punt!

Cindy Wendt: Buy a rotary cutter and mat

Anne Oppegard: Give yourself TIME … this is not a race; complete projects on your own timetable and celebrate each milestone reached!

Lisa Wunschel Neuharth: I am pretty new to quilting. I really wish that everyone I talked to would have pressed the importance of 1/4 in. seams into my head. That is the main advise I would offer!

Kathy Lohberger: Learn to PAPER PIECE FIRST !!!