Winterize Your Sewing Machine

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by Sara Snuggerud in Sewing Tips

With so many new classes already scheduled for November, December, January and into February, many of you are adjusting your schedules to join us. Some people combine doctors appointments with a morning class and others look for two classes in a row so you can stay overnight in Sioux Falls. No matter how you get here, please continue reading to learn how to keep your sewing machine safe and warm for its arrival during the winter months.


All sewing machines need to be at room temperature for optimum use. Leaving a sewing machine in a car all day prior to an evening class is not advised. Cold mechanics and sub-frozen circuit boards do not provide the desired results and can sometimes damage items if turned on under extreme cold conditions. And DO let it warm up before turning it on.

If you work, find a place it can hangout indoors for the day.

Heirloom Creations offers FREE Day Care!

Sewing machine day care that is! If you prefer to drop your machine off at our store prior to a class, we are happy to keep it warm and safe for the day or even overnight.

Don’t let a chilly day spoil a day full of sewing!

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