How to Make a T-Shirt Quilt from Start to Finish

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by Sara Snuggerud in Events, Projects, Sewing Machines, Sewing Tips

Turn old tees into new treasures in this online “How to Make a T-Shirt Quilt” class.


 You’re just nine simple steps away from creating your first memory quilt — and I’m here to show you every one of them! Hi, I’m quilting expert Sara Snuggerud. Join me in my online Craftsy class T–Shirt Quilts: Start to Finish, as we turn old tees into new treasures. During class, we’ll coordinate and sew a quilt top featuring some of your old favorites — from selecting your tees to making your quilt sandwich. And I’ll be available in the Craftsy virtual classroom to answer any questions that pop up along the way.I’ll start things off by helping you figure out the number of T–shirts you need and how to make choices that coordinate. Then we’ll cover some rotary cutter know–how that’s essential for efficient shirt preparation. 

Hoping for a comfortable quilt? It all starts with the right interfacing. I’ll share some advice on how to make the best choice for your project, and we’ll move on to steps for securely applying your interfacing to T–shirts. (It makes it so much easier to sew!) You’ll also find out how to determine the master size of your blocks for accurate squaring in this online how to make a T-shirt quilt class.

To make sure you’re planning a cohesive design, I’ll move on to my approach for a balanced layout. We’ll also run through pointers for a proper machine setup and how to easily upsize smaller T–shirts to keep your block size consistent. We’ll even talk about some fabric choices that set sashing and cornerstones apart.

 When it’s time to bring your top together, I’ll guide you step by step through measuring sashing strips and cornerstones. Then it’s time to start assembling your quilt top — complete with sashing — and combine strips for beautiful borders. They’re perfect for framing your tops!

Next we’ll turn that top into a quilt sandwich. We’ll start by preparing the quilt back, before you learn how to choose the best batting. Plus, get a step–by–step breakdown of preparing your quilt for machine quilting. It just takes some layering and basting.

In our final lesson, you’ll secure your layers as I demonstrate how to machine quilt your project. Along the way, you’ll learn the differences between straight line and free–motion, and when each is the right choice. Plus join T–Shirt Quilts: Start to Finish, and we’ll even tackle an easy–to–learn binding that makes for a professional finish. This online class is the all the steps rolled into one of how to make a T-Shirt quilt from start to finish.

I started working at a sewing machine store when I was fifteen and the rest is history. Now I run a BERNINA and Husqvarna Viking sewing machine store in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Check out  our store blog if you’re ever looking for a fun read!

I know most of you won’t be visiting Sioux Falls anytime soon, and that’s okay. We can connect through Craftsy! With Craftsy you can watch anytime, on any device and you own your class forever. Can’t wait to see you there.

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Sara Snuggerud | Craftsy Instructor

(updated 2-2017)