Kimberbell Dealer Exclusives Volume 4.0 Supply Lists

We Carry
by Sara Snuggerud in Embroidery

Kimberbell Dealer Exclusives Club Volume 4 has arrived! Check out the 13 NEWEST Kimberbell exclusive projects below.

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Kimberbell Club designs are available only through Kimberbell retailers and their classes. Here at Heirloom Creations, Kimberbell Club projects can be purchased as part of our Embroidery Social hands-on classes.

Select up to two of your favorite Kimberbell Club volume 4.0 projects then come embroider them at the popular Heirloom Creations Embroidery Socials classes. Kimberbell Club projects are $25 each with any Embroidery Social class enrollment. Select up to two projects per social.

Next, print off the Kimberbell Club volume 4.0 project supply lists to know what to bring to class.

Autumn Blessings Bench Buddy

It’s a season to be grateful, and our Autumn Blessings Bench Buddy is a lovely reminder of life’s bounty! With letters made of brilliant, orange Mylar and simple satin stitches, the sentiment is framed on each side by subtle strips of Crocheted Edge Trim. Make the Bench Buddy cover, slip over our 9 1⁄2 x 5 1⁄2 Pillow Insert, and add a vibrant bloom from Kimberbell Bouquets for beautiful dimension. Our Autumn Blessings Bench Buddy is cozy decor for every thankful heart.

Write Now Pencil Pouch

Available in three sizes, our Write Now Pencil Pouch has your school and office supplies all zipped up! From the eraser top to the pointed lead tip, each part of the pencil is made from a different fabric color, with the grey zipper a functional element of the textured “metal” band. Fully lined with no raw seams, the pencil pouch is quilted completely in- the-hoop and makes a wonderful gift for students, teachers, professionals, and writers of all ages and stages.

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Flamingo Beauties Bench Buddy

Flamingo Beauties strut their stuff on our dimensional Bench Buddy! With heads of Applique Glitter held high, each bird proudly displays unique feathers of soft chenille, Cute-as-a-Button(s), and Kimberbell Bouquets: Summer Pull Flowers. The pillow’s sweet theme, “Be your own kind of beautiful,” is stitched in simply elegant bean stitches below the fancy friends. Framed within a flanged border, the Flamingo Beauties Bench Buddy fits our 8×8 Pillow Insert to perfection.

Gift Pockets: Get Well Soon and Thinking of You

Our Gift Pockets are the perfect way to make someone’s day! Stitch the Get Well Soon design with flexible foam and a sparkly bandage made of Silver Pink Polka Dot Applique Glitter. Then tuck soup packets, tissues, and/or other gifts inside the pocket, attach a small or medium Sweet Tube with decorative ribbon, and give to a friend who is under the weather! The Thinking of You design features embroidered hearts inside an applique thought bubble. Fill with goodies and gifts for anyone needing a bit of cheer.

Ginger Cookie Candle Mat

Nothing says, “Welcome” like a fresh plate of cookies! Warm your hearth and home with our Ginger Cookie Candle Mat. Six gingerbread men are sweetly spiced with brown Applique Glitter and carefully iced with bright satin stitches. Made in a raw-edge technique, each cookie looks real enough to eat, their festive sparkle popping against the white background. The applique “plate” is layered and quilted right in-the-hoop, with scalloped edges finished in deliciously decorative stitching.


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Heart & Home Door Decor

Our Heart & Home Door Decor features an a”door”able applique house with shiny Mylar windows and a knob as Cute as a Button! And just like a family, each piece is built with different but complementary pieces to create a happy home. Above the house are dimensional hearts of Mylar, strung from Kimberbell Twine, representing the love found within these walls. Stitch the design on a quilted background, then add the embroidered sentiment, “Home is where you hang your heart.”

Daddy’s Princess & Mommy’s Knight Infant Rompers

Snuggles and giggles and sweet baby smells…our Infant Rompers are a bundle of joy! A shiny, silver crown of Embroidery Leather is adorned with a pink heart for Daddy’s Princess, while Mommy’s Knight wears a leather helmet with a sparkling Glitter plume. Stitch both designs in a raw-edge applique technique, then embroider “Daddy’s Little Princess” and “Mommy’s Knight in Shining Armor” below! These giftable rompers are perfect for baby showers, cradles, and lots of warm cuddles.

Love and Lace Gift Envelope

Roses are red, violets are blue…you know that I care since I made this for you! Our Love & Lace Gift Envelope is made with filigree swirls, flowers, and heart designs, all stitched on your embroidery machine. Available in two sizes for gift cards and heartfelt notes, the envelope is stitched with “love” on the front, decorative scallops on the back, and is sealed with a kiss and a Cute as a Button! This sweet envelope is a memorable gift for those who matter most.

Nautical Hoops Anchors Aweigh

Embark on a creative journey with Kimberbell’s Nautical Hoops! With crisp colors of red, white, and blue, our Anchors Aweigh and Hello Summer designs are stitched in a 4×4 embroidery field, framed in Kimberbell’s exclusive 3 1⁄2” Bamboo Hoops, and tastefully trimmed in Tassels and Poms. Whether you’re a seasoned embroiderer, still learning the ropes, or just getting ready to test the waters, Nautical Hoops are smooth sailing for every skill level.

Quilted Embroidery Leather Luggage Tag & Leather Tissue Holder

Our Quilted Leather projects are chic and shiny, with hearts, loops, and crosshatch motifs on beautiful Embroidery Leather. Slip your home address behind the clear Vinyl window of the Luggage Tag, tie to your suitcases and bags with coordinating ribbon, and travel in style! The Tissue Holder is nothing to sneeze at, perfectly sized for a travel-sized pack of disposable tissues. Tuck into your purse or give to a friend for a keepsake they’ll ah-ah- ah-choose time and time again.

Sweet Wraps: Mystery Mummy and Pumpkin Patch

Our Sweet Wraps are autumn decor for Sweet Tubes and more! Made with crisscrossed strips of raw-edge fabric, these giftable wraps can be tied with coordinating ribbon around cylinders of all sizes. Meet the Mystery Mummy, his friendly eyes shyly peeking from soft layers of fabric, then harvest a Pumpkin Patch with darling applique stems! Both designs come in x-small, small, and medium sizes for a variety of projects.

Tooth Fairy Bench Buddy

A visit from the Tooth Fairy is one of childhood’s sweetest traditions! Anticipate her midnight arrival with a beautiful Bench Buddy. With White Applique Glitter topped by a sparkly crown, our “Tooth” Fairy is stitched in a raw-edge applique technique against a quilted background. The sentiment, “Dear Tooth Fairy, let’s trade…” is embroidered above the tiny pocket, perfectly sized for baby teeth. Slip our 9 1⁄2 x 5 1⁄2 Pillow Insert into the cover, then hang from doorknobs and bedposts with a loop of Rick Rack Trim.

Wildflower Blooms Tote

With fringed blossoms, satin stems, and pull flowers from Kimberbell Bouquets, our Wildflower Blooms Tote is casual elegance for any occasion. With unstitched sides, it’s easy to hoop our Kimberbell Blanks Denim Tote, embroider the colorful spray on the deep blue canvas, and then sew up the seams to complete the bag! A simple fringe technique and scalloped ribbon add delightful dimension. Create large blooms by pulling the string, fluffing the petals, and attaching to the tote with a few whip stitches.

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